Squirrel Removal

Cozy, warm attics may be appealing areas for squirrels to nest, particularly female squirrels searching for somewhere to give birth. Unfortunately, Squirrels, not only leave unsanitary messes, they can also cause a lot of damage. If someone suspects that squirrels have invaded their premises, there are techniques one should consider for efficient attic squirrel removal.

Visit http://www.wildlifeandpest.com/locations/chicago-wildlife-removal to find out the best ways to handle wildlife removal without harming oneself, family or the animal. Wild animals tend to have a desire to nest inside a safe environment and usually do not take well to smells, lights or noises, suggesting a predator. A radio that is set to a talk station includes an excellent resource of unpleasant noise and may be an efficient repellent. Similarly, putting a bright light inside the attic is an additional method of making the space less appealing.

flying squirrel

To further disrupt the squirrel’s sense of security, individuals oftentimes leave rags that are soaked in ammonia all throughout the attic. This ammonia will mimic the odor of predator urine, and squirrels may leave instead of risk becoming an additional critter’s supper.

If repellents do not work, trapping the squirrels often is an outstanding method of eliminating them. A few of the most efficient traps involve one-way exclusion doors, multiple-animal traps and single-animal cages.

As someone experiences more than one squirrel inside the attic, multiple-animal cages may be a better option. Generally, people set the traps at an area in which the squirrels exit and enter. All other potential exits and entrances have to be sealed off in order for the squirrels to not have a choice but to get into the cage, thinking it is the only way out or in. As inside, the animals cannot exit and then can be safely relocated to a place away from the home.


Amongst the best solutions for removing squirrels from the attic includes a one-way exclusion door. Like a multiple-squirrel cage, an individual first must block off all potential exits and entrances to the attic, leaving just a single available path. The exclusion door permits squirrels to get out of the attic yet won’t allow them to return. Therefore, the squirrel issue is resolved without having to relocate the animal.

It must be noted that there aren’t any squirrel poisons in the marketplace, and poisoning squirrels never is a great choice for removing squirrels from the attic. Again, not just is it inhumane, yet the squirrels likely will crawl inside inaccessible places to die, leaving nasty smells. Lastly, if an individuals has concerns about utilizing any of the above methods, or if those methods do not generate results, it always is better to contact a professional. There will include many people specializing in Chicago squirrel removal and may undertake the job effectively and quickly.